LEC Workshops http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops A series of workshops at the University of Southern Mississippi. Faculty First Year Experience: Planning for Pre-Tenure Review, Promotion, and Tenure http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops
This panel is led by Dr. Denis Wiesenburg, Provost, and facilitated by Dr. Tom O’Brien, Department Chair, Department of Educational Studies and Research. Faculty members in attendance will have opportunities to ask questions, as this will be an open forum session. Hear from those who have been through these processes at Southern Miss and learn successful strategies you can use.

Teaching Forum: Finding a way to Complete the Equation Teaching + Research + Service = 100% (Gulf Park) http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops
Faculty First Year Experience: Tell Us What You Think http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops/register.php?session_id=889 Teaching Forum: Remediation- Helping to Bridge the Gap (Gulf Park) http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops
Teaching Forum: Round Robin with all Panelists http://www.usm.edu/lec/workshops

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